Schuck below ground installation SK-E ball valves are designed for underground gas grids up to 10/16 bar and gas quality as per DVGW G260. The ball valves are absolutely leak-proof and highly resistant to deformation. They are designed in accordance with the requirements of EN 13774. The ball valves come with a choice of steel or PE weld ends. The transition from the steel body to the PE weld end is handled with a tried and proven connector certified according to DVGW VP600. The weld ends on both sides in the design with PE weld ends are suitable for double welding and can be equipped with other connection combinations. The Schuck below ground installation SK-E ball valve is a fully-welded design with a floating mounted ball and double-sealed and blow-off proof switch bolt. Teflon or NBR sealing rings on a chrome-plated or polished brass ball are used for sealing the connecting passage. Thermal and mechanical changes in particular are compensated for without any difficulties.


For gas grids installed underground up to 10/16 bar and gas quality as per DVGW G260
Absolutely leak proof and highly resistant to deformation
Designed in accordance with EN 13774
DN 25 - DN 150, PN 10 / 16


Steel or PE weld ends
Connector to PE weld ends certified in accordance with DVGW VP600
PE weld ends suitable for double welding


Fully-welded design, floating mounted ball, doubly-sealed, blow-off proof switch bolts
Sealing with Teflon or NGR sealing rings on a brass ball
Problem-free compensation for thermal and mechanical changes


Steel body
Connecting pipes PE 100 SDR 11 orange / P235 TR
Control rod up to DN 100: Brass
As of DN 150: Stainless steel
Ball up to DN 50 brass, polished
As of DN 80: Brass, chrome-hardened
Seals ≤ DN 50: NBR (DIN EN 682)
≥ DN 80 Teflon
Outside coating polyurethane as per DIN 30677
Temperature range -20°C to +60°C

  • Forged and fully welded construction or with a recessed insulating joint
  • Floating mounted ball
  • Low torques
  • Blow-out protection
  • Proven design
  • Other designs upon request